Author: Anna Damski

Anna started working life as a BA stewardess before joining their training department. There she launched an in-house newsletter that turned into a magazine. She co-presented ITV show 'Cyber Cafe'. Anna left her native London for Suffolk. Not long after, the referendum caused her to become an activist. She chairs Suffolk for Europe, is a founding member of the Save British Farming campaign, and is Editor-in-chief of East Anglia Bylines.

Now is the winter that our Brexit sent

Anna Damski
Woodbridge Brexit Brexitometer

As Suffolk for Europe set up their street stall, they had barely got the chart up when people were literally lining up to ‘have their say’. What in the past had been a steady stream of people was a flood. People were angry and needed to vent. Volunteers at the stall listened to their complaints and agreed with them.

Heritage Open Days week – a recipe for discovery

Anna Damski
Heritage Open Days: Ickworth House

Heritage Open Days (HOD) is billed by the organisation that coordinates it as “England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,000 local people and organisations, and thousands of volunteers.”