Author: Maddie Pike

Maddie has taught in various schools and colleges and written numerous books and articles, mostly on the works of Chaucer, Shakespeare & Dickens. She lives in East Anglia and is a keen musician, photographer and poet. She publishes under various names and is currently working on a novel exploring what she sees as the cynical betrayal, by successive Tory and Labour governments, of the promise of the Welfare State to address and redress social disadvantage and injustice in Britain's Two Nations.

The curious case of the NHS

Maddie Pike
NHS being sold off

The NHS is being sold off as I write. Newspapers are beginning to suggest people should pay to get off the waiting lists which are being systematically, deliberately made so long that many will die in pain.

The best and worst of leadership

Maddie Pike
the best and worst of leadership southgate johnson

We live in challenging times. And it’s sobering to compare and contrast the way two men have come to symbolise the best and worst of leadership in Britain today.

Just a man

Maddie Pike
Silhouette of a man and his dog watching the sun set.

Do we treat old people as people or as mere statistics? In ‘Just a man’ Maddie Pike looks at society’s neglect of its elderly population.