By-election news in the East

In the next fortnight there are five by-elections for Local Council seats in East Anglia.

Polling station sign
Polling station sign: photo Pixabay

In most months there are by-elections for Local Councils, following resignations and deaths.

This table lists the five taking place in September, showing the date of the by-election; the number of seats being contested; the parties standing (“Four Parties” means Con, Lab, LibDem and Green); and the percentage vote for the parties which achieved 20% last time the seat was contested.

Soham North (East Cambridgeshire)

By-election 23rd Sept.

1 seat, four parties standing

Last election: LibDem 48%, Con 42%

Brundall (Broadland, Norfolk)

By-election 28th Sept.

2 seats, four parties standing two candidates each

Last election: Con 45%, Lab 24%, Green 21%

Old Catton and Sprowston West (Broadland, Norfolk)

By-election 28th Sept.

1 seat, four parties standing

Last election: Con 53%, Lab 21%, LibDem 20%

The Rows (West Suffolk)

By-election 30th Sept.

1 seat, Con, Lab, LibDem standing (no Green candidate)

Last election: Ind 61%, Con 39%

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