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Pecksniff’s Diary

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In which Mr Pecksniff lays before his readers for their approval certain observations and speculations reflecting on the political life.

Some lives are getting shorter: are you feeling lucky?

Stephen McNair

For more than 150 years, life expectancy has been rising in all developed countries, as a result of improvements in public health, lifestyle, working conditions, healthcare and medicines. A child born in 2010 could expect to live ten years longer than their grandparents, born in 1950. A decade ago, women continued to live longer than men, but the decline of dangerous male manual work meant that the gap between women and men was closing.

Poems from the East: Huntingdon

East Anglia Bylines
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This is the final poem in our series to mark National Poetry Day. It is an extract from “Little Gidding”, one section of T.S.Eliot’s last great work “The Four Quartets”. Little Gidding was a seventeenth century religious community near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. During the English Civil War they gave sanctuary to Charles 1st  (the “broken […]

Poems from the East: Suffolk

East Anglia Bylines
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This is the fifth in our series of poems about East Anglia to mark National Poetry Day. It is a lament for the destruction by the sea of the once great Suffolk city of Dunwich. The author is Bernard Barton “The Quaker Poet” who spent most of his life as bank clerk in Woodbridge, Suffolk. […]