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Letter to Duncan Baker MP

Jeff Wood
Duncan Baker

What’s disappointing in your letter is this comment on the present fiasco. You state that the amendment  had nothing to do with Mr Paterson’s position. Nobody on the planet believes that to be the case. And to repeat a lie doesn’t make it true.

Private equity – boom or bust?

Martin Waller
Debenhams went bust after private equity investment

Have a look at this particularly egregious example, involving the AA. This got into trouble because of the high level of debt when it was last floated. Have a look at the numbers. The previous private equity owners made £1.2 billion from the 2014 float.

COP26: The woodland ark

Iain Robinson
Barbastelle bat

The destruction of woodland habitat has the double effect of exacerbating the climate crisis and destroying complex habitat for wildlife.

Covid lockdowns expand the market for East Anglian produce

Robert Gunn
Musk's sausages

favourite of racegoers returning from a day out on the Downs. Musks were awarded their first of four consecutive Royal Warrants in 1907. The EU also granted PGI status to the Newmarket sausage, meaning it could only be labelled that way if made within the geographical area.

COP26: Reduce, re-use, recycle – in a mega-incinerator

Rob Colwell
Wisbech incinerator protest

Incineration to many is the lazy and non-environmental way of dealing with our waste when we are reminded of the need to reduce, reuse, or recycle to save the planet. It is often commented that incineration provides a disincentive to recycle and will not help the UK achieve its climate change targets through to Net Zero by 2050.