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Searching for UFOs over Rendlesham Forest, and the Fermi Paradox

Martin Waller
Searching for UFOs in Rendlesham Forest

The Earth has seasons because it is not properly upright but tilted. This does not seem to be true of the other three rocky planets in the inner system. The Earth is also a double planet system, in that the Moon is a sixth of its size and proportionately much larger than any other satellite and its primary in the Solar System. Is this relevant?

How can women trust the police?

Jenny Rhodes
women can't trust the police

After the tragic case of Sarah Everard’s rape and murder by a serving officer, and other recent disturbing cases within the police, there are renewed calls to root out officers who are a risk to women.

How food-poor are we?

Aidan Baker
Food hub, Cambridge

The food hubs didn’t spring up from nowhere.  Their place in the Cambridge Food Poverty Alliance’s Action Plan, written before the Covid pandemic, came about when they were already a growing feature of the UK’s food landscape. 

Some lives are getting shorter: are you feeling lucky?

Stephen McNair

For more than 150 years, life expectancy has been rising in all developed countries, as a result of improvements in public health, lifestyle, working conditions, healthcare and medicines. A child born in 2010 could expect to live ten years longer than their grandparents, born in 1950. A decade ago, women continued to live longer than men, but the decline of dangerous male manual work meant that the gap between women and men was closing.