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The end of the line for rail privatisation?

Martin Waller
Renationalising British Rail

The rail industry is already, de facto, in UK government hands. Last September, in the face of the pandemic, the government accepted that the system was irretrievably broken and announced the planned end of the franchise system

What will happen when the Universal Credit uplift ends?

Jenny Rhodes
Universal Credit uplift ends

The Universal Credit uplift is set to end on 6th October, despite considerable opposition. Conservative peer Baroness Stroud says that ‘levelling up is impossible if Universal Credit is cut’. Footballer Marcus Rashford calls for the cut to be axed to help tackle the ‘child hunger pandemic’. Ex-PM, Gordon Brown says the cut is ‘vindictive even beyond austerity’.

Another Eye-Catching Initiative

Martin Waller
spacestation: galactic Britain

I wrote here the other day how the current government is operating by Eye-Catching Initiatives, things it says will happen which give the impression that action is being taken but which never come to anything. And having it reported by a compliant media.

By-election news in the East

Stephen McNair
Polling station sign

In most months there are by-elections for Local Councils, following resignations and deaths. This table lists the five taking place in September, showing the date of the by-election; the number of seats being contested; the parties standing (“Four Parties” means Con, Lab, LibDem and Green); and the percentage vote for the parties which achieved 20% last time the seat was contested.

Cambridge Vice-Chancellor to step down

Cameron Holloway
Stephen Toope, Vice Chancellor Cambridge

Professor Stephen Toope has announced that he will be stepping down as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge at the end of this academic year. Cambridge University Vice Chancellor Professor Stephen Toope is to step down next year. The Canadian, who has led the university throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, said he will be leaving in […]