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Why not mentioning the War might be a good idea

Martin Waller
British exceptionalism

Our concept of British exceptionalism seems to revolve around just how many people we killed in earlier wars, some justified, as in World War Two, some less so. The problem is that this sort of rhetoric is pretty much all our Continental neighbours hear from us, because it is reported so prominently in our media.

Private equity – boom or bust?

Martin Waller
Debenhams went bust after private equity investment

Have a look at this particularly egregious example, involving the AA. This got into trouble because of the high level of debt when it was last floated. Have a look at the numbers. The previous private equity owners made £1.2 billion from the 2014 float.

The rising tide of anxiety in children

Jenny Rhodes
Boy looking at social media

The constant exposure to social media – Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok – can bring worrying texts, distressing news images and potential bullying messages from other children.