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Two reasons why the pandemic could get worse

Martin Waller
why the pandemic could get worse

senior members of the government will not feel bound by them. We had Barnard Castle, then Matt Hancock caught on camera. We now know the Prime Minister drafted in his wife’s best friend over Christmas to help with the childcare, apparently.

Feedback – can pure science model the social sciences?

Greg Walsh

History is full of examples of leaders who lacked negative feedback.  Empathy and conscience provide negative feedback, and the psychopathic personality who lacks these becomes the despot or tyrant. He or she then consolidates his/her position by assigning parcels of lesser power to those considered to augment the advantage. This accumulation of power can be considered positive feedback – there is no control or restraint. Machiavelli described the  techniques in his book The Prince.

Undermining the rule of law?

Mark Elliott
Public law

Ultimately, this all strikes me as part of a project to enhance executive supremacy — an ‘executive power project’, if you will — by treating courts (whether ‘foreign’ or domestic) as unwelcome interlopers, all masquerading as an attempt to ‘protect Parliament’.

From baby boom to baby bust

Martin Waller
From baby boom to baby bust

It is not hard to understand why people here are having fewer babies. The Foundation quotes an OECD estimate that the typical working couple in the UK spend 22 per cent of their income on full-time childcare, about double the average rate for Western economies.