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The end of the line for rail privatisation?

Martin Waller
Renationalising British Rail

The rail industry is already, de facto, in UK government hands. Last September, in the face of the pandemic, the government accepted that the system was irretrievably broken and announced the planned end of the franchise system

Hydrogen, not heat pumps!

Martin Deighton
Hydrogen, not heat pumps

In New Zealand the process of replacing carbon polluting natural gas with hydrogen began in 2019. By 2030 hydrogen will be blended into natural gas to a level of 30-40 percent, enabling New Zealand to achieve net zero carbon pollution by 2030.

Angela Rayner, and so-called Tory “scum”

Martin Waller
Angela Rayner calls Tories scum

Angela Rayner, the deputy Labour leader, is in trouble for describing the Tories, in a fringe event at the party conference in Brighton, as “scum”. She has defended it as the sort of language used by people like her, brought up desperately poor on a Stockport housing estate.

The Empire harks back

Greg Walsh
Boris Johnson's imperial measures

Mr Johnson has heard his supporters’ appeals for a return to imperial units, so pounds and ounces, perhaps along with other old favourites, could be visited upon us shortly.

And the eye-catching initiatives just keep coming

Martin Waller
Boris Johnson's eye-catching initiatives

One of Boris Johnson’s more eye-catching initiatives, a bridge or tunnel connecting Scotland and Northern Ireland, has been quietly laid to rest this week. The plan would have got around the problems Brexit has caused for trade across the Irish Sea, but the Treasury has apparently decided it is too expensive. Or stupid. Or something.