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Will Labour support fair votes at last?

Stephen McNair
Voting at Labour Party Conference

At the end of September the Labour Party will gather in Brighton for its first face to face conference in two years. Eighteen months after they elected Keir Starmer as leader, he will have his first chance to address the membership in person. This year the conference will have the largest ever number of motions on a single subject — proportional representation (PR). So it is likely to be debated. In the last year, over half of all constituency parties have passed motions in favour of electoral reform, and 144 have submitted motions calling for conference to adopt it in principle as party policy.

Culture wars, Nadine Dorries and the BBC

Martin Waller
Culture Wars, Nadine Dorries And The BBC

To express an opinion that you will not find much here or elsewhere in the media, I think the appointment of Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary is a masterstroke. Boris Johnson could not better have signalled his and his Cabinet’s utter contempt for those on the other side of a culture war they have largely created and inflamed.

Letter from a constituent to MP Duncan Baker

Jeff Wood
Tax avoidance should be criminalised

Open letter to North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker: “Surely it should be a criminal offence to encourage and help people to avoid paying taxes the government imposes and relies upon in order to fund public services, defence and policing?”