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Paying for care in our old age

Martin Deighton
Regressive national insurance increase for social care

As Catherine Rowett suggested in your recent article, it seems likely that working people will have to pay a significant increase in their “national insurance” tax to pay for care for the elderly.

Why your dog has evolved to love you

Martin Waller
Why your dog has evolved to love you

A recent study by the Wildlife Science Centre looked at the response of wolf cubs and puppies to humans. The wolves displayed no great affinity to humans or their offspring. The dog pups showed an immediate affinity. Why?

Should we scrap the triple lock on pensions?

Stephen McNair
Time to scrap the triple lock on pensions

As we emerge from the Covid lockdown, the government faces a difficult decision on whether to scrap the triple lock on state pensions. Millions of pensioners stand to gain an eight percent pay rise, at a time when Universal Credit is to be reduced and NHS staff are being offered three percent.