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And the eye-catching initiatives just keep coming

Martin Waller
Boris Johnson's eye-catching initiatives

One of Boris Johnson’s more eye-catching initiatives, a bridge or tunnel connecting Scotland and Northern Ireland, has been quietly laid to rest this week. The plan would have got around the problems Brexit has caused for trade across the Irish Sea, but the Treasury has apparently decided it is too expensive. Or stupid. Or something.

Culture wars, Nadine Dorries and the BBC

Martin Waller
Culture Wars, Nadine Dorries And The BBC

To express an opinion that you will not find much here or elsewhere in the media, I think the appointment of Nadine Dorries as Culture Secretary is a masterstroke. Boris Johnson could not better have signalled his and his Cabinet’s utter contempt for those on the other side of a culture war they have largely created and inflamed.

Cambridge’s second twin city: Szeged

Julia Seiber Boyd
Cambridge twin city Szeged

Many Cambridge citizens remain quite unaware of our second twin city, Szeged.  Despite Brexit, activities with our Hungarian sister city still continue – albeit subject to covid restrictions in 2020-21!

Book review: This Sovereign Isle (Robert Tombs)

Richard Carden
Cover picture of the book this Sovereign Isle by Robert Tombs

[Tombs’s] new book on Brexit is … rigorously argued. It begins with a brisk summary of British history since pre-Roman times. Tombs concludes that there is no pattern to Britain’s relationship with the continent, other than an absence of pattern; no settled link, a shifting series of alliances with one continental country after another.

Collaboration on the Verge

Aidan Baker
Portrait of East Anglia poet Alice Willitts

Cambridge eco-poet Alice Willitts’s poetry world is quirky. East Anglia Bylines interviewed her by email about her writing and her environmental concerns.


Paul Donohoe
Picture of a gearstick with no reverse option

A poem on how people were sold a lie that Brexit would be good for the country when in fact it’s already doing untold damage.