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Pecksniff’s Diary

East Anglia Bylines

In which Mr Pecksniff lays before his readers for their approval certain observations and speculations reflecting on the political life.

Undermining the rule of law?

Mark Elliott
Public law

Ultimately, this all strikes me as part of a project to enhance executive supremacy — an ‘executive power project’, if you will — by treating courts (whether ‘foreign’ or domestic) as unwelcome interlopers, all masquerading as an attempt to ‘protect Parliament’.

East Anglia by-election news

Stephen McNair
Will the Elections Bill erode our rights?

In September there were by-elections for five Local Authority seats in East Anglia.  The Greens took two seats from Conservatives, but the Conservatives recovered two seats (from an Independent and a Liberal Democrat) and held the fifth. 

Angela Rayner, and so-called Tory “scum”

Martin Waller
Angela Rayner calls Tories scum

Angela Rayner, the deputy Labour leader, is in trouble for describing the Tories, in a fringe event at the party conference in Brighton, as “scum”. She has defended it as the sort of language used by people like her, brought up desperately poor on a Stockport housing estate.

By-election news in the East

Stephen McNair
Polling station sign

In most months there are by-elections for Local Councils, following resignations and deaths. This table lists the five taking place in September, showing the date of the by-election; the number of seats being contested; the parties standing (“Four Parties” means Con, Lab, LibDem and Green); and the percentage vote for the parties which achieved 20% last time the seat was contested.