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From baby boom to baby bust

Martin Waller
From baby boom to baby bust

It is not hard to understand why people here are having fewer babies. The Foundation quotes an OECD estimate that the typical working couple in the UK spend 22 per cent of their income on full-time childcare, about double the average rate for Western economies.

Letter from a constituent to MP Duncan Baker

Jeff Wood
Tax avoidance should be criminalised

Open letter to North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker: “Surely it should be a criminal offence to encourage and help people to avoid paying taxes the government imposes and relies upon in order to fund public services, defence and policing?”

Where are the workers to come from?

Stephen McNair
Where are the workers to come from?

The British labour market is going through a massive upheaval. The UK’s population has shrunk for the first time for decades. Covid has led to large numbers of people working in new ways. Many sectors are reporting shortages of labour. The government hopes that the gaps will be filled by British workers. But is this possible?