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Hydrogen, not heat pumps!

Martin Deighton
Hydrogen, not heat pumps

In New Zealand the process of replacing carbon polluting natural gas with hydrogen began in 2019. By 2030 hydrogen will be blended into natural gas to a level of 30-40 percent, enabling New Zealand to achieve net zero carbon pollution by 2030.

Kickstarting a green career

Stephen McNair
Kickstarting a green career

We all make mistakes, especially when we are young. So it is really encouraging to see someone take the decision to climb back on the ladder. That’s what Liam is doing. I met him when he came to help install my heat pump on his first day in a new job

Sea Level

Helen Forte
"Sea Level" sewage spillages

Environment Agency data shows East Anglia water companies released untreated sewage into rivers and coastal waters 17,428 times in 2020.