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Hydrogen, not heat pumps!

Martin Deighton
Hydrogen, not heat pumps

In New Zealand the process of replacing carbon polluting natural gas with hydrogen began in 2019. By 2030 hydrogen will be blended into natural gas to a level of 30-40 percent, enabling New Zealand to achieve net zero carbon pollution by 2030.

Letter from a constituent to MP Duncan Baker

Jeff Wood
Tax avoidance should be criminalised

Open letter to North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker: “Surely it should be a criminal offence to encourage and help people to avoid paying taxes the government imposes and relies upon in order to fund public services, defence and policing?”

Paying for care in our old age

Martin Deighton
Regressive national insurance increase for social care

As Catherine Rowett suggested in your recent article, it seems likely that working people will have to pay a significant increase in their “national insurance” tax to pay for care for the elderly.

Our broken politics

Denis Kennedy
Our Broken Politics

How long can Britain afford to stay on this self-destructive merry-go-round before pressure comes to bear for a root and branch reform?