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Poems from the East: Norwich

East Anglia Bylines
National poetry day logo

This is the fourth in our series of poems about East Anglia to mark National Poetry Day on 7th October. It is a response to the great fire which devastated Norwich “England’s chief ornament” in 1507 John Skelton was a clergyman born in Diss, where he was Rector for 30 years. He was tutor to […]

Letter from a constituent to MP Duncan Baker

Jeff Wood
Tax avoidance should be criminalised

Open letter to North Norfolk MP Duncan Baker: “Surely it should be a criminal offence to encourage and help people to avoid paying taxes the government imposes and relies upon in order to fund public services, defence and policing?”

Heritage Open Days week – a recipe for discovery

Anna Damski
Heritage Open Days: Ickworth House

Heritage Open Days (HOD) is billed by the organisation that coordinates it as “England’s largest festival of history and culture, bringing together over 2,000 local people and organisations, and thousands of volunteers.”

Kickstarting a green career

Stephen McNair
Kickstarting a green career

We all make mistakes, especially when we are young. So it is really encouraging to see someone take the decision to climb back on the ladder. That’s what Liam is doing. I met him when he came to help install my heat pump on his first day in a new job