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Labour’s policy programme: what have we learnt?

Cameron Holloway
Labour Conference Policies

Perhaps predictably, media reporting of this year’s Labour Party Conference has tended to focus on internal wranglings. It was perhaps only on Wednesday, with the leader’s speech, that the spotlight swung to Keir Starmer himself, his rivalry with Boris Johnson, and the often repeated question of what Starmer ‘stands for’. But the conference was also a chance to learn more about what Labour would do in government.

Another Eye-Catching Initiative

Martin Waller
spacestation: galactic Britain

I wrote here the other day how the current government is operating by Eye-Catching Initiatives, things it says will happen which give the impression that action is being taken but which never come to anything. And having it reported by a compliant media.

Angela Rayner, and so-called Tory “scum”

Martin Waller
Angela Rayner calls Tories scum

Angela Rayner, the deputy Labour leader, is in trouble for describing the Tories, in a fringe event at the party conference in Brighton, as “scum”. She has defended it as the sort of language used by people like her, brought up desperately poor on a Stockport housing estate.

Will Labour support fair votes at last?

Stephen McNair
Voting at Labour Party Conference

At the end of September the Labour Party will gather in Brighton for its first face to face conference in two years. Eighteen months after they elected Keir Starmer as leader, he will have his first chance to address the membership in person. This year the conference will have the largest ever number of motions on a single subject — proportional representation (PR). So it is likely to be debated. In the last year, over half of all constituency parties have passed motions in favour of electoral reform, and 144 have submitted motions calling for conference to adopt it in principle as party policy.