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Some lives are getting shorter: are you feeling lucky?

Stephen McNair

For more than 150 years, life expectancy has been rising in all developed countries, as a result of improvements in public health, lifestyle, working conditions, healthcare and medicines. A child born in 2010 could expect to live ten years longer than their grandparents, born in 1950. A decade ago, women continued to live longer than men, but the decline of dangerous male manual work meant that the gap between women and men was closing.

From baby boom to baby bust

Martin Waller
From baby boom to baby bust

It is not hard to understand why people here are having fewer babies. The Foundation quotes an OECD estimate that the typical working couple in the UK spend 22 per cent of their income on full-time childcare, about double the average rate for Western economies.

What will happen when the Universal Credit uplift ends?

Jenny Rhodes
Universal Credit uplift ends

The Universal Credit uplift is set to end on 6th October, despite considerable opposition. Conservative peer Baroness Stroud says that ‘levelling up is impossible if Universal Credit is cut’. Footballer Marcus Rashford calls for the cut to be axed to help tackle the ‘child hunger pandemic’. Ex-PM, Gordon Brown says the cut is ‘vindictive even beyond austerity’.