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Social Care: who foots the bill?

Catherine Rowett
Carer with elderly woman on a bed

Those years in ill health are when we need assistance, but few can afford to pay for it. Many working-age people devote hours of unpaid time to providing it for family members and neighbours where there’s insufficient support from official providers.

Just a man

Maddie Pike
Silhouette of a man and his dog watching the sun set.

Do we treat old people as people or as mere statistics? In ‘Just a man’ Maddie Pike looks at society’s neglect of its elderly population.

Always with Us, Almost Invisible

Jeff Wood
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But, generally, people living in poverty don’t draw attention to themselves, don’t want to be noticed or patronised. Just like you and me, they do their best to look like everyone else. Visit the food bank by the back door. Discreetly choose clothes from the racks of charity shops.